All Because of_
© inolai
This is the jungle seen close, while a story about love.

The first time I moved out of my home was when I was in college. I've been eating fast food all the time, but one day I want to cook for myself, so I immediately went to the supermarket to buy the meat.
But when I opened the package, greasy meat, blood, I realized "what I've done."
I believe nobody wants to touch the raw meats, but mother handles raw meat every day so that the child can eat healthily.

What makes people brave?

Now, although I can't eat my mother's cooking anymore, I will always remember that my mother's fried fish is the most fragrant, chicken soup is the most concerned.

Always remember -

All Because of _ Exhibition
July 2018
Illustration : Ino Lai
Graphic : Sion Hsu